Instructing For Arthog Outreach

Climbing to new heights

A rather nice week at Arthog Outreach running my normal Environmental Session and then a spot of climbing at Grinshill what’s not to like.

Environmental Session
Week 2 of a 4 week block so we looked at foraging (medicine, edible and poisonous plants) and then a quiz to check out the retained knowledge with everyone keen to get the top mark. Then we recapped on fire lighting techniques and then made some pop corn to finish off the session.

Climbing At Grinshill
A rather nice session climbing at Grinshill with a quite a nervous group of Year 5’s. The first climb was a little tentative but once they realised they had control of their destiny by a ‘Challenge by Choice’ environment they all reached new heights. I was particularly pleased by how well they supported each other and looked after each other when swopping roles during the peer group belaying.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of activity for you and your group then please take a look at our Group Activities. We look forward to hearing from you.

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