CHMAS – Canoe Session

Earlier in the week CHMAS was providing a canoes session for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and a lovely day on the water it turned out to be too.

Stand up paddling action

Unfortunately, the wind decided to put in an appearance, which nictitated a change of plan. We made rafted canoes and headed off into the wind, playing a few games to get to grips with the fundamental canoe strokes. A firm favourite was ‘Fruit Salad’ and stand up paddling before we landed at the top of the lake for a bush craft challenge.

Bushcraft Challenge

The bush craft challenge was to make a small scale debris shelter, which everyone enjoyed and they were keen to talk about their chosen design. We also did a little foraging and we found some Wood Sorrel, which with its appley taste was eaten with great gusto.

With the wind behind, the rafts were dismantled and we made good progress back to the shore for a few wet games and there was lots of laughter all round as they thoroughly soaked.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this type of activity for your group, then please take a look here to find out more.

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