3 Star Kayak Training & Assessment

On the Llangollen Canal - making waves

On the Llangollen Canal – making waves

Early in the week, I was running a 3 Star White Water Kayak training and assessment course for some returning clients who wanted to boost their skills base before completing their Level 2 Coach training.

The assessment can be run over one day but these clients opted to have an additional day of training to maximise their chance of success. Our time on the water was split between the Llangollen Canal and the River Dee at the Mile End Mill Site. I had a wide range of abilities on the course and it was quite challenging at times to ensure that the sessions contained enough content / excitement for the more able paddlers but not much for the paddlers acquiring the new skills

By the end of the course, there was a significant improvement in everyone’s paddling and all but one of the candidates passed their award as they were deferred on their roll. However, he has gone away to get some further rolling practice which will allow him to complete the award.

To see a few photographs from this course then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to provide this course for you then please take a look at our main site to find out more by clicking here.

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