3 Star Canoe Training & Assessment

Earlier this week, I was working with some returning clients who wished to obtain the British Cane Union (BCU) three star  canoe personal proficiency award. Candidates who hold this award have shown good boat handling skills and can now throw away their ‘L’ plates.

Here at CHMAS we run these canoe courses over two days as we’ve found this gives candidates the maximum possible chance of success. No course is ever the same and a summary of each day for this course is given below.

Playing with trim

Day 1 (Ellesmere Lake)
A significant chunk of the day is taken up by looking the fundamental skills and making everything is efficient or as I like to put it doing more for less. It was nice to have a little wind on this day as it can highlight quite nicely any deficiencies in paddling technique. As the day progressed we also looked at improvised sailing and rescue skills.

Playing in moving / white water

Day 2 (River Dee, Llangollen)
After a quick recap of day one it was soon time to look at moving water skills, crossing a simple flow and breaking in / out of eddies. With the group progressing so well, I opted to run some of the harder rapids on site (after advising that they were out of the 3 star remit and they would not be assessed), which everyone run with ease and left them grinning like Cheshire cats at the end.

During the day we also looked at poling, support strokes and linked paddle strokes (bow rudder – bow draw – forward paddle & the compound backwater stroke). This left a little time for an open forum where we looked at lining, tracking and snubbing, river leadership strategies and coaching tools.

I’m pleased to say that everyone gained their award and I look forward to working with this group in the near future as they advance their paddling career.

If you would like CHMAS to run this course for you then please take a look at our main site by clicking here .

Client Feedback – Steph
I really enjoyed the course and love your style of coaching. You were able to pick up on all of our different learning styles and then just let us get on with it in our own way, stepping in when you wanted to improve / correct a technique and then letting us experiment with that. You gave us plenty of opportunity to ask questions and give feedback and also look at things outside of syllabus that we will hopefully progress to at a higher level. This is the 2nd star award I have done with you and when I progress with my paddling in the future, I would like to continue to have you coach me through higher awards. Thank you for a really enjoyable course.

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