3 Star Canoe Training & Assessment

Early this week, I was running a three star canoe training & assessment course for some of the junior instructors at Arthog Outreach in Telford.

Day One – Simpsons Pool

Paddling at Simpsons Pool

On the first day we looked at the core canoe skills and spent much of the day making the strokes look polished and efficient. We also looked at link paddle strokes such as bow draw into a forward power stroke, inside & outside pivot turns and the compound back water stroke.  I was really impressesd by the difference in the paddling after these session.
The day finished with some rescues, which despite the cooler weather were undertaken in good spirits and without too much grumbling!

Day Two – River Severn

On the rapids at Jackfield

Our second day was to be on the River Severn paddling between Buildwas and Ironbridge, finishing at Jackfield which has a grade 2 rapid and although outside of the 3 star syllabus seemed a good way to end the day. As we paddled along we looked at ferry gliding, breaking in and breaking out of the current, moving sideways while on the move, support strokes, towing and poling.

I’m pleased to say that all the candidates passed and I wish then well with their own paddling adventures.

All in all a great couple of days to be on the river. If you would like to see more photographs of the course then please click here.

If you would like CHMAS to run this course for you then please take a look at our main site by clicking here .

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