Canoe Coaching on the River Severn

Starting off from below the weir

Another good day on the River Severn introducing David and Julie to the fascinating world of canoeing or to put it another way making the canoe go where you want it to. We spent the morning looking at the fundamental skills of forward paddling, stopping, turning  and moving the boat sideways. After a spot of lunch on the river bank it was time to pack up our canoes and set off on the 7 mile trip to Atcham to practice the all the new skills. This is one of my favourite paddles for the scenery and the wildlife and today was no exception as we dragon flies, king fishers, sand martins, swans and a many types of duck.

As we approached Atcham, David and Julie took the opportunity to practice rescues which is a skill that we all need to use at one time or another.  This meant that as well as becoming proficient paddlers they also sucessfully completed their British Canoe Union 1* Proficiency Award.

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